Graph ME

The Design Academy

Who We Are ?

GraphME is an institution for training and teaching in the Saudi Arabia, and a provides a variety of courses in the fields of media and development solutions for individuals and craftsmen, which is equipped with modern academic equipments, and we provide assistance for employing competent students who graduate from the academy

Why Graph ME?

Graph ME for training individuals and employees adapts an academic vision that aims to raise the education level in Saudi Arabia through providing trainees with nessecery skills, and the academy works on developing training programs that are responsive to market demands in Jordan

3D Animation

Converting ideas to animation, the goal of the course specializes in preparing the students through teaching them the complete knowledge and skills in 3D Animation where they can produce animated videos, whether it was 2D or 3D. the course also includes teaching students how to create websites, digital games as well as SFX, sketching, and moving pictures in sequence for the industry and the many medias, such as: pictures, animated films, video game s animating pictures, these tasks can be achieved through our computer that have built in software and technology.


Visual effects VFX

The art of VFX depends on math, physics, programming languages ​​and teamwork in parallel with technology and imagination. The main responsibility of the visual effects artist is to make special effects that are produced inside the computer, to clean up and retouch advertisement movie and to make it appear in the best condition. The average artist working hours these days is 10 hours on average, deadlines depends on the amount of visual effects required that needs a lot of creativity and perseverance. The interesting part about working in the visual effects industry is that you are in constant contact with the cinematic industry and the wonderous work of advertisement.


Virtual reality design (VR)

The VR is a 3D world where makes people feel like they are in a reality world, for example, the user can drive a car in VR but in reality, they are just sitting on a chair, but the user can feel with all of the elements in 3D due the models, graphics, sound effects, and the 3D design, so that his body tilts left and right while playing for fear of contact with other cars. The VR designer designs characters, and virtual models in a 2D or 3D virtual game depending on the technological and engineering principles. The designer also designs characters and creates stories in addition to programming digital games and they are responsible for preparing and designing sound effects.


Augmented reality design (AR)

Augmented Reality technology relies on adding virtual information of real reality simultaneously to reality. It could be pictures, an educational video, or enriching information that helps you understand the content better. AR Differs from the virtual reality technology, which depends on creating a 3D virtual environment through glasses in what is known as the Presence concept, which the real object interacts in a way that helps its development. And augmented reality is not just about enhancing the sense of sight; Even senses such as taste, hearing, touch, and smell can be augmented using the same technology when the appropriate projectors are available.



3D animation graphics

3D computer graphics are based on many of the same algorithms as the 2D computer vector in the frame model, and the 2D computer raster in the final projected image. In computer graphics applications, 2D programs can use 3D methods to produce similar effects (for example, lighting), learning how to produce an idea, write and read a story, and learn about digital programs specialized in producing designs (3D). And also building characters and a three-dimensional environment to deal with materials and images, adding a realistic touch to designs, moving skills, adjusting speeds, and installing complex movements.